Renewable Energy Technologies (RET)
Agricultural and Agri-food Operations

Welcome to the Ministry of Agriculture renewable energy feasibility studies resource page. The Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-food Canada through the Growing Forward initiative will fund a series of renewable energy technology (RET) feasibility studies on BC agricultural operations. The feasibility studies will be completed by the 31st of March, 2013.

Adoption of RET can help agricultural become energy self-sufficient, cut costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and diversify beyond conventional agricultural-based income sources.

The results of these studies will enable agricultural and agri-food operators to determine the technical and financial viability of integrating commercially available RET into their existing B.C. operations.

The first two technologies being studied are geoexchange and solar thermal. The deadline for applications for these two technologies is September 23rd 2011. All geoexchange and solar thermal feasibility studies will be completed by 31st March, 2012. No funding for the cost of these studies will be eligible to cover technology installation costs.

Additional technologies to be studied will be announced here, so bookmark this page and visit again soon, or subscribe to get updates by email when new information is available.

Who can participate in the feasibility studies?

Agricultural producers and agri-food processors interested in participating in the RET feasibility study site assessments can download, complete and submit the application form for the geoexchange and solar thermal feasibility studies.

Up to ten British Columbia agricultural and agri-food operations will be selected for each RET. Participants will be selected based on commodity type, location and size, the potential feasibility of technology adoption and the transferability of information to other agricultural operations.

Study participants will be required to contribute towards the cost of their in-depth, site-specific assessment before the study commences. Participant contribution will be 30 percent of the assessment cost (up to a maximum of $5,000 participant contribution). Participants will also be required to agree to the public release of their assessment with confidential information removed.

Why participate in the feasibility studies?

If selected, your operation will undergo an in-depth expert assessment and you will receive a private, in-depth, site-specific assessment of the technical feasibility, financial viability, costs and benefits of integrating a RET into your operation. You will also receive an implementation plan to follow should you decide to proceed with installation of the RET studied on your operation.

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