About AgriFoodBC

AgriFoodBC brings sector stakeholders together to help encourage the sharing of ideas, information, knowledge, best practices and technology tools—all in one place. As a result, agri-food stakeholders can benefit and enhance their business or organizational success, while saving time and money. More specifically:

It's about organizations (individuals or groups of individuals) who are on tight budgets and are constantly looking for cost effective solutions to access technology and use it to better their service offerings.

It's about funding partners and government that have discussed the need to see initiatives benefit the sector in
its entirety rather than only serve the recipient of a funded project. These shared benefits would help to increase sector competitiveness and reduce costs associated with replicating projects from one company/organization to another.

It's about the institutions and organizations in the sector that have identified a need for a place and a person to turn to in order to be inspired by best practices tied to new media and technology.

It's about people who are searching for information on the sector who have highlighted a need for one place to find out where everything tied to the sector can be located.