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Other Pests

This section was updated - 06 April 2021

Slugs and Snails


These are occasionally a pest on raspberries and may be a contaminant when harvesting in wet conditions.


Slugs are slow-moving, soft-bodied, slimy, legless creatures. They are black, grey, brown or olive green in colour, and do not have a shell. Slugs are 3 to 4 mm when hatched and grow to 10 cm in length. Snails have a protective shell. The shell can be up to 2 cm in diameter and usually has alternating yellow and brown concentric rings.


Cultural Control

Control weeds and keep cover crops mowed as tall grasses and weeds provide protection and may attract these pests.

Chemical Control

If present in large numbers, control snails or slugs in the spring before they climb into the plants. When the pests are active and conditions dry, apply in the evening at the base of plants or to the headlands.

Sluggo or Ferramol (0.76% ferric phosphate) slug and snail bait at 25 to 50 kg/ha (10 to 20 kg/acre) scattered by hand or granular applicator between the rows and near the base of the plants when slugs are detected. Apply the highest rate if infestation is severe. Re-apply at least every two weeks if slugs and snails continue to be a problem. Do not place in piles.

Note: ferric phosphate is not harmful to pets, birds or wildlife.

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