Berries Production Guide

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This section was updated - 30 December 2020

Experienced cranberry growers often say that fertilizing cranberries is an art rather than a science. The “art” is minimizing vine growth while maximizing fruit production. Fertilizer amounts, rates, timing and method of application will vary greatly depending on soil type, variety, weather and previous yields. Consult with a plant nutrition specialist.

Cranberries respond very rapidly to climate variations and fertilizer applications. The rates and timing of fertilizer applications should be adjusted according to the performance of each planting. Fertilizers are typically applied in 2-4 applications before and after blooming. Controlled release nitrogen fertilizers may be advantageous in some conditions.

For more information on cranberry nutrient management, consult the following sources publications:

"Cranberries: A nutrient management guide for south coastal Oregon"

"Nutrition Management for Producing Bogs 2015" by Carolyn J. DeMoranville


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