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Cole Crops
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COLE CROPS Varieties(Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower)

This section was updated - 01 December 2020

For Asian Cole Crops see Specialty Vegetables section of this guide.


Fresh Market:Greenbelt (trial), Emerald City (fall harvest), Patron, General (early), Denali, Diplomat, Ironman and Imperial.

Process Market:Greenbelt, Arcadia, Decathlon (trial), Emerald City (fall harvest), Patriot (fall harvest).

Brussels Sprouts

Fresh market:

  • Early— Oliver, Brilliant, Confident.

  • Mid—Vancouver, Brigitte, Cummulus.

  • Mid/late—Lunet.

Process market: Brigitte (mechanical harvesting), Vancouver (mechanical harvesting), Lunet, Cummulus.


Green: Early—Parel, Balbro, Surprise, Farao, BC63. Mid-season— Castello, Charmant, Bronco, Fast Vantage. Late (storage)— Bartolo, Loughton, Shelton.

Red:Ruby Perfection, Sombrero, Rona, Primero, Lectro.

Savoy: Clarissa, Wirosa, Famosa, Ermosa, Melissa.


Fresh market:

  • Early— Ravella, Venus.
  • Mid-season— Ravella, Fremont, Cumberland, Phoenix, Concert.
  • Late— Ravella, Shasta, Fremont, Absolute, Artica

Process market: Shasta, Artica.

Overwintering: See end of Cole Crops section.

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