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Cole Crops
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This section was updated - 25 May 2021

A soil test is necessary to determine phosphate and potash requirements. See Nutrient Management section for recommendations based on soil test results.

If a mineral soil pH is below 6.2 or an organic soil is below 5.5, lime should be applied. (See also “Clubroot” in this section).

Broadcast and disc in, or band at time of seeding or transplanting, 75 kg/ha (30 kg/acre) nitrogen, all of the phosphate and potash.

On sandy soils, or where magnesium is deficient, add: Sul-Po-Mag at 170 to 225 kg/ha (68 to 90 kg/acre)

In addition, for both direct-seeded and transplanted crops, side-dress 45 to 110 kg/ha (18 to 44 kg/acre) of nitrogen at time of last cultivation. Use the higher rate for broccoli and cauliflower and the lower rate for Brussels sprouts and cabbage. At the higher rates, particularly on light, sandy soils, two applications should be made 2 to 3 weeks apart.

These crops are heavy users of boron. Soil should be tested for boron and if necessary it should be added to the main fertilizer mix. See “Boron” in Nutrient Management section of this guide.

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