Vegetable Production Guide

Cole Crops
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This section was updated - 12 April 2021


Cut the centre heads (crowns) with 12 - 15 cm of stem attached while the buds are still green and tight. Under favourable conditions, side shoots are then harvested with 15 - 20 cm stalks for bunching over a period of several weeks. However, the side shoots never produce as heavily as the crowns and the market for them is limited. For a continuous supply of crowns for the fresh market, seed and/or transplant every 2 to 3 weeks from early spring until mid-July.


Maintaining the white colour of the cauliflower curd (known as blanching) is critical to harvesting a premium product. Some cultivars with large wrapper leaves are self-blanching under favourable growing conditions. However, there are times when the curds must be protected against the sun for the final 5 to 10 days prior to harvest. This can be done by breaking leaves over the curd or tying leaves together with elastic bands. Different coloured elastics can be used to indicate which heads are ready to harvest next.

Brussels sprouts:

Begin harvesting early sprouts for the fresh market as soon as the lower ones are mature. This will allow the upper sprouts to continue enlarging for later harvest. For once-over harvest of the late crop, pinch out the growing point when bottom sprouts are about 2 cm in diameter to encourage uniform size and maturity of the sprouts. De-leaf the plants just prior to harvest.