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CORN Varieties

This section was updated - 23 April 2021

Process Market: Consult processors.

Fresh Market: Listed from earliest to latest within each type*.

SE (sugary enhanced) varieties

Yellow: Bodacious  
  Kandy King  
Bicolour: Temptation Double Play
  Revelation (trial) Lucious
  Navajo Renaissance

Sh2 (supersweet) varieties

Yellow: Sheba  
  ACX 725Y  
  Krispy King  
  Jubilee Supersweet  
Bicolour: Double Up Obsession
  ACX 734BC Fantastic
  Honey & Pearl 274
  Candy Corner XTRA Tender 277

See your seed dealer for the most recent variety recommendations.


TripleSweet     TripleSweet varieties are 75% SE and 25% Sh2. They have the tenderness and flavour of SE varieties, along with the shelf life, sweetness and field holding ability of Sh2 types. Emergence and seeding vigour are similar to SE types, but they perform better under drought stress. Isolate TripleSweets from the Sh2 varieties.

SE     Sugary enhanced varieties. These have a sweetness in between that of the normal and Sh2 types. They must be isolated from Sh2 types, but do not need to be isolated from normal varieties.

Sh2   Supersweets or shrunkens. These varieties have much higher sugar content than normal varieties and stay sweet longer after harvest. Kernel texture can be somewhat tough. They must be isolated by 75 to 100 m from normal (e.g. standard Jubilee) or SE varieties of similar maturity or starchy kernels will develop. They will only germinate well in warm soils.

Su    Normal or Standard varieties are the traditionally grown sweet corns. Compared to the other types, they have lower sugar levels which convert to starch quickly resulting in short shelf-life.

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