Vegetable Production Guide

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Potatoes Varieties

This section was updated - 30 April 2021

Earlies: Warba (f)*, Carlton (f), Rocket (f), Eramosa (f), Epicure (f).

Whites, early/mid/late:AC Ptarmigan (f&p), Norchip (f&p), White Rose (f), Shepody (f&p), Atlantic (f&p), Cascade (f&p), CalWhite (f&p), Cherokee (f&p), NorValley (f&p), Kennebec (f&p), Chipeta (p), Snowden (p).

*Best end use: f = fresh; p = process

Russets, midseason:Norgold Russet (bo&ba)**, Russet Norkotah (bo&ba), Hilite Russet (ff&ba), Goldrush (ff,bo&ba), Norqueen (ff,bo&ba)

Russets, late: Ranger Russet (ff&ba), Russet Legend (ff,bo&ba), Gem Russet (ff,bo&ba), Umatilla Russet (ff,bo&ba), Russet Burbank (ff,bo&ba), Nooksack (ff,bo&ba).

**Best end use: ba = bake, bo = boil, ff = French fry.

Red-skinned: Norland (Dark Red), Redsen, Red Ruby, CalRed, NorDonna, Red Pontiac, Viking, Chieftain, Sangre, Ida Rose, Red La Soda

Yellow-fleshed: Yukon Gold, Sante, Sieglinde, Bintje

Red-skinned, yellow-fleshed: Desiree.

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