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This section was updated - 23 April 2021

A soil test is necessary to determine phosphate and potash requirements. See Nutrient Management section of this guide for recommendations based on soil test results. Broadcast and disc in the following:

  • 90 kg/ha (36 kg/acre) nitrogen and the required phosphate and potash.
  • Side-dress with 22 kg/ha (9 kg/acre) of nitrogen when first fruits appear. Acid producing fertilizers are recommended for most areas.

    Where mulching and trickle irrigation are practised, additional nitrogen can be fed through the trickle irrigation system at 17 kg/ha (6.8 kg/acre) when the first fruit begins to set and an additional 17 kg/ha (6.8 kg/acre) four weeks after. To prevent clogging or plugging from occurring use soluble forms of nitrogen (Urea or Ammonium nitrate) and chlorinate the system once a month with a 10 to 50 ppm. chlorine solution. Chlorinate more frequently if the flow rate decreases.

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