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Data Visualization Tool

Leverage the power of easy to read and visually appealing charts, graphs and infographics. Make your data come alive and tie it in to existing statistics sources such as BC statistics to customize your graphics to your own needs.

AgriFoodBC currently offers an innovative, self-generating and easy-to-update infographic system that allows initiatives to deal with information overload in an understandable way. Your website administrators can modify the source data and instantly see the changes reflected in the infographics. Equally, full source data can be viewed with a hover over the desired image. This provides the ability to satisfy both high-level and detail-oriented target audiences at once.

AgriFoodBC also allows you to harness the power of Google Graphs for your data visualization needs This allows your business to automatically generate and share relevant graphs and tables on your website.

Access the latest statistics relevant to your business
Present information that is easy to understand
Use a service agent to help you make the most of your data
"We were amazed at how quickly we could develop and launch our site. The AgriFoodBC web toolset is easy to use and a pleasure to work with"
Colleen D, Climate Action Group