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Electronic Workbook

Reduce effort, paper usage and repetition, all at the same time. Minimize the time required to apply for funds or to fill out tedious applications. Capture your information once and use it for any purpose in the future.

This stand alone system is loosely based on the easy to follow QuickTax interface. It provides the ability to create complex interactive systems such as: business plans and business capacity assessments. The end result is an easy to follow user experience of massive documents, workbooks or questionnaires. Options include: save and return later, instant feedback, instant assessment, PDF generation, email results, and more.

Save time with electronic forms.
Get instant results and feedback.
Make a positive impact on the environment.
"We were amazed at how quickly we could develop and launch our site. The AgriFoodBC web toolset is easy to use and a pleasure to work with"
Colleen D, Climate Action Group