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SmartfarmBC turned to AgriFoodBC to develop an information resource site to assist the farmer community and their businesses. Whether farmers are seeking information on starting a farm, operating their farm more efficiently or planning to successfully transition out of farming, SmartFarmBC helps farmers to achieve their key business goals.

Posted on Oct 27, 2021
by AgriFoodBC


The Farm Business Management Group (FBM) chose AgriFoodBC as a solution. First, they needed a website to share helpful business resources with the farmer community. Secondly, the farmer community needed help in starting a farm, operating one, or actually transitioning out of farming (successions planning) and finally they wanted electronic solutions to replace large paper documents that were tedious to use and update.


The SmartfarmBC website was built to communicate program information and provide help on business start-up, management and transition. Equally self-assessment tools where developed to help run their businesses. Many interactive online tools such as the Survey Module and the Taking Stock Electronic Workbook were developed to get a better sense of the challenges businesses face. More specifically, the electronic workbook was developed as an interactive business health calculator. By capturing a farmer's self-assessment, SmartfarmBC produces a status of general business health and auto-generates an action plan to engage advisory services.
"We were amazed at how quickly we could develop and launch our site. The AgriFoodBC web toolset is easy to use and a pleasure to work with"
Colleen D, Climate Action Group


Farm owners now gain access to critical analysis and information to help their businesses. With online access to analytical tools and information, farmers can easily fill out extensive forms and get support with their information needs—from anywhere and at anytime. Thanks in part to AgriFoodBC, SmartfarmBC now offers farmers the ability to save significant time in assessing their business health, benefiting from up to date information while reducing reliance on paper forms and hard to find archived documents.

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